Gamifying our Computer Vision Piano

Here is a youtube video showing the progress.

In order to gamify our computer vision piano, I decided to make it into a “Dance Dance Revolution” type rhythm game. If you’ve never played DDR or you’re nostalgic for those games, check out StepMania, it’s a free and open source version that’s better than any of the official DDR games.

The basic way that it works is that the program takes in a text file specifying when each note should be played and for how long. The file format is super simple, and if I were to take this project further, I’d definitely have to make that part more complicated. We then just keep track of a timer so that we can know how many beats have occurred since the start of the song, and on every frame we figure out what circles should exist and where.

Right now the program only supports one song, and it’s not a particularly interesting one. I needed something royalty free, so that’s why we ended up with “Bensound Jazzy French” as the only playable song.

Updated code for this is at the same repo as before:

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